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During our first visit with you, we will begin a process of collecting financial information concerning your loved one. This information "mirrors" the Medicaid application. In determining qualification for Medicaid benefits, the Department of Health and Human Services Commission wants to know two things: how much income does the individual have and what are his/her assets (countable resources)?

Income means Social Security, pension, retirement, interest/dividends, rental, etc. Assets of interest are all cash assets including checking account, savings accounts, CD's, IRA's, stocks, bonds, prepaid burial plans and cash value of life insurance policies.

The information collected will tell us two things:

  1. How soon we can get qualification for the individual?
  2. How much of the total estate can be preserved?


When you hire the services of Senior Planning Services, you will receive a complete
analysis of the type and extent of aid that you can expect from Medicaid. For over twenty years we have
worked with families and individuals to comply within Medicaid guidelines. We look at each unique case just
as H&HSC would.


You will also receive a complete plan that will guide you in the steps necessary to complete the qualification process. SPS will process the application and make sure all required documentation is filed accurately and on time. Plus, we will be with you every step of the way.


One of the greatest benefits of using Senior Planning Services is that we will adjust to the changes in the Medicaid law for as long as the client is alive. Two things are for certain, Medicaid will change and we will be there to make any necessary adjustments along the way.


Because each situation is unique, there is no standard fee. After all information is gathered and before you have made any financial commitment, we will quote you the one-time fee. Keep in mind that whatever the cost for our services, the fee is only a fraction of the costs that one might incur paying for skilled nursing care.

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